Membership Benefits

The American State Offices Association (ASOA) in Japan, through its collective membership activities, provides its individual members with unparalleled networking and promotional opportunities in Japan; opportunities simply not accessible by any one organization operating alone.

ASOA’s principle aim is to enhance the efforts of our individual members by collectively working with other major associations in Japan. ASOA has active trade and investment committees working on a number of specific initiatives. To further promote its members, ASOA publishes an annual membership directory in Japanese.

The ASOA Secretariat distributes several thousand copies of the ASOA Membership Directory free of charge to over 50 major multiplier associations including regional Chambers, regional JETRO Offices, the Keidanren, US Foreign Commercial Service Offices and others throughout Japan. The directory is also freely passed out to all interested business representatives at events in which ASOA participate. An online version of the directory may be seen in the “Membership List” section of our homepage.

ASOA also participates in numerous trade shows in Japan, is a member of the Japan Overseas Investment Institute and organizes or participates in annual roundtable seminars and discussions with major associations such as JETRO and the Keidanren. Collectively, ASOA members account for over 80% of all trade and investment activity between the U.S. and Japan. Our goal is to achieve 100% coverage in coming years. With this in mind, we seek participation and support.

Annual ASOA membership dues are 60,000 yen. Membership benefits include:

  • Inclusion in the annual ASOA Membership Directory
  • Inclusion in the ASOA Homepage (with a link to your homepage)
  • Ongoing updates on all ASOA activities (via email)
  • A copy of the ASOA Bimonthly Meeting notes (via email)
  • The option to participate in ASOA trade and investment promotional events
  • The option to participate in ASOA bimonthly meetings and special events
  • The option to participate in the ASOA annual year-end conference with Japanese multiplier associations