about ASOA


The American State Offices Association (ASOA) was established in 1980 to promote the mutual interest of U.S. State Offices located in Japan. ASOA provides State Offices and local government agency members with the organizational framework necessary for collective action and information exchange.

ASOA's major goals:

  1. Publicize ASOA member offices.
  2. Develop opportunities which are equally beneficial to all ASOA members.
  3. Maintain liaison links with key government and industry associations.

The programs which ASOA currently is developing, and has in place, to accomplish these goals:

  1. Publication and distribution of the ASOA Directory.
  2. Outreach programs to increase awareness of ASOA in outlying regions of Japan.
  3. ASOA participation in trade shows.
  4. Special events and speakers on topics of interest.
  5. Selected trade, tourism and investment initiatives in cooperation with industry associations, government agencies and companies.

ASOA has an extensive and active committee structure which has the responsibility of developing and carrying out its programs as well as designated liaison links to the American Chamber of Commerce, the U.S. Embassy, JETRO and Keidanren. ASOA maintains a separate secretarial office which has the responsibility of handling the administrative affairs of the association.